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Features of Oracle that doesn't Support SAP -Last Part

by Rajnikanth
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41. Reverse key indexes
o Can be used.
o For more information, see Note 915242.
42. Sequences
o Can be used for customer-defined tables, but no SAP support is provided.
o Cannot be used for SAP tables
43. Spatial
o Cannot be used.
44. SQL Loader (SQLLDR)
o Cannot be used.
45. Standard Edition
o SAP products always require the Oracle Enterprise edition, using Oracle Standard edition is not allowed.
46. Statspack
o Can be used.
o For more information, see Note 717484.
47. Streams
o Cannot be used.
48. Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)
o Cannot be used.
o A medium-term release, depending on test results, is planned.
49. Transparent Gateway (DB2)
o Can be used, but no SAP support is provided.
50. Mobile tablespaces
o The implicit use is supported in the BRSPACE function "-f dbcreate" (Note748434) and the "Tablespace Point in Time Recovery" function of BRRECOVER.
o Explicit use as part of system copying is tolerated ( -> 'Procedures').
51. Trigger
o Used implicitly by SAP in the BW environment (/BI0/05*, see Note 449891)
o Logon Trigger can be used in accordance with Note 712777.
o Otherwise, it cannot be used
o You cannot use trigger-based real-time replication either.

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