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Explain about of ST02, ST04, ST06, DB02

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Explain about of ST02, ST04, ST06, DB02

Postby yshashidher »

Hi Guys,

Can anybody explain about ST02, ST04, ST06, DB02.

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Postby Mohammed Khalafallah »

Hi Shashi

ST02: Used to monitor and tune the SAP buffers of the instance in which you are executing this transaction, if you want to monitor the buffers of the other instances you have to go for RZ20. ST02 shows you the status of thee buffers, hit ratios, memories usage, table buffering (instance level) and the current profile parameters values which configures those buffers.

ST04: is the database performance monitor and it is DB-specific, meaning to say that you get different views depending on the database which relies under your system. from this transaction you can monitor and analyze your database performance.

ST06: Operating system overview, it is also OS-specific and gives you information about CPU, memory and disks usage, swaps and LAN status. From the main screen of this transaction you will find links to tools for detailed analysis.

DB02: Database allocation overview, it is DB-specific but generally shows you information about the size and space of datafiles, tablespaces (Oracle), tables and indexes.

Mohammed Khalafallah
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great job khalafallah

Postby BASIS24x7 »

great job dude

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