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SAP Patch Manager (SPAM) PART-I

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SAP Patch Manager (SPAM) PART-I

Postby Rajnikanth »

The SAP Patch Manager (SPAM) is the customer side of the Online Correction Support (OCS). Transaction SPAM lets you efficiently and easily imports SAP-provided support packages into your system.

Depending on the system used or the configuration of your system, you must apply different types of support packages. You can get the support packages in the SAPNet R/3 FrontEnd, the SAPNet Web FrontEnd, or on Collection CDs.

SPAM runs at the SAP transaction level, so that knowledge of the operating system is not required for handling the tool.

SAP now uses the term support package instead of patch.
Note that you can only use this transaction with SAP GUI for Java and SAP GUI for Windows.

The SAP Patch Manager offers you the following functions:

1. Loading Support Packages
You can load the Support Packages you need from the SAPNet Web FrontEnd, the SAPNet R/3 FrontEnd, or from Collection CDs into your system.
2. Importing Support Packages
a. Restart capability
When you import a support package into your system, SPAM follows a predefined sequence of steps.
If the support package process terminates, it can be resumed at a later point in time. Processing restarts at the step that failed.
b. Displaying the import status in your system

You can find the import status in your system at any time using transaction SPAM. Transaction SPAM is integrated into the SAP upgrade procedure.

The SAP Patch Manager informs you of the status of the step currently being executed in the status bar. If you want to know which steps are executed for which scenario, run the program RSSPAM10.

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Postby KaboOoS »

Nice Info... thanks for sharing
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