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What is Stack? In what way it is useful.
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Here is SAP's defination/meaning of SPs and Stack...(from SAP's Service market Place)

In 2003, the SAP Support Package strategy was extended for certain product versions to Support Package Stacks (SP Stacks). The new strategy supports the actual way in which the majority of customers apply Support Packages (SPs). Quality and service
can be further improved and therefore total cost of ownership can be reduced.

The increasing diversity of components within a product version calls for greater transparency when it comes to applying Support Packages and patches.
It also requires clear guidelines on the recommended or permitted combinations of these. For this purpose, a new ?SP Stack? will be compiled for
each product version included in the new strategy (usually quarterly). This SP Stack will contain the optimal combination of Support Package and
patch statuses for the individual components at the given time.

The SP Stacks are sets of Support Packages and patches for the respective product version that must be used in the given combination. SAP recommends regular application of these SP Stacks. The technology for applying Support Packages and patches will not change.
SP Stacks should be seen as an entity in themselves ? customers must heed the minimum requirements and dependencies between individual components, and apply the Support Packages and patches specified in the SP Stack together.

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