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Client copy isuue

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Client copy isuue

Postby absadng1 »

Hi All.
I just installed SAP ECC 6.0. is working fine i dont have an issue. I wish to created a local client copy.
I issued SCC4 to create the client. then i try logon with SAP* as username and PASS as my passowrd. to my surprise, is giving me back that name and password not correct to logon.
please i need assistance.
thank in advance.

Ibrahim from Nigeria
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Re: Client copy isuue

Postby kacham nikhil »

Hi Ibrahim,

Wat u have done with ur client creartion i.e scc4 is obsolutly right, but after that u need to do the client copy by using the T-code sccl.And then u need to check the log , wheter it is completedly succesfully or not. After the complition of successfull copy only u can go with the client which u have been created. And even u can login with the users of master clients also.

Kacham Nikhil

kacham nikhil
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Re: Client copy isuue

Postby MK1 »

Hello friend : If the client copy is successful, automatically the user of the existing clients gets copied into the new client with existing passwords in the old client...M.K
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Re: Client copy isuue

Postby shankar dora »

Hi Ibrahim

which client r u trying through sap*??

When u create a new client in scc4 new entry n create ita done there next log on with client which created then sap* n pass it works

Hope u got wat I tried to tell u .pls let me know it worked or nt
It has to work my frd.


Shankar dora
shankar dora
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Re: Client copy isuue

Postby VIKHAR »

Hi Ibrahim,
Kindly check that the profile parameter login/no_automatic_user_sapstar is set to "0" in Master client(000) via Transaction RZ10 and restart the instance if you had to change the parameter and login to the newly created client with SAP* and password PASS.

Guys Correct me if am wrong.

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