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problem during client copy

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problem during client copy

Postby raghucharan v »

Recently i have created a new client (369) , and i have copied from (000) client,selected profile SAP_ALL, and the process was going on, suddenly i have closed the client copy after 21000 table copy. so, i again want to restart client copy???
the problem i am facing is.............?
when i am entering in to the client(369) for re-starting, it is taking (sap*users) password as basis instead of pass. and also when i am hitting SCCL , SCC3, SCC4 transactions for client copy it is telling me you are not authorised of these transactions, i want to know why i am not able to re-start the client copy again? any one help me ? any solution for that client copy sucessfull
raghucharan v
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Postby Rashed »

hi raghucharan,

just login to new client and Delete sap* and then relogin as sap*and pass, you can proceed with your client copy with tcode sccl now.

reason behind you facing unauthorised problem in the last copy copied tables related to users but associate tables which store authorization to the user sap* didnot got copied, that is the reason you are not able to proceed with your local copy.

now just do what I said above, and then proceed your client copy in restart mode with sap* and pass as password, the remaning tables with get coied.

let me know if you have nay issues.
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thanks rashad sir for reply

Postby raghucharan v »

sir, actually no transaction code is working through that client (369), even su01, for deleting any user or any password charge su01 should, i cant change the password of the user sap* in that client
raghucharan v
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Postby shafi_basis »

hi raghu charan this is shafi according to my self u have created a client 369 and u r copying from master client 000 ok while u r copying u have selected a profile called sap_all ok,that means it will copy all the profiles like SAP_APPL,SAP_CUST,..........SAP_USER,so sap_user is in the last place according to me it wasl not copied ok.

And u said that u are getting an error about authorisation the last profile is SAP_USER (user master record & authorisation profile)

About conclusion is just u delete ur client which u have created and then create a new client with same no and copy with 000 ok

Or u can just copy SAP_user profile it will take less time compare to sap_all
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Re: problem during client copy

Postby asrarab »

Hi Everyone,

I tried to do a client copy after an installation of ECC6 SR2.
Now I cannot login in the new client created. what could be the possible reason.
I tried using the master password and also with Pass, but nothing worked.

Appreciate if any one can send some response.

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Re: problem during client copy

Postby naveedahmed »



Please check the profile parameter value( login/no_automatic_user_sapstar) it has to be (0) .if it is one.

as this problem i also came across.

Naveed ahmed

Associate SAP Basis Consultant

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Re: problem during client copy

Postby chakrishroff »

Raghu charan, You have to delte SAP* in the client 369 from database level. After deleting following the steps what Rashed Sir has suggested.
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Postby ismailkurdinov »

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