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What is a SAProuter...

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What is a SAProuter...

Postby fareed.syed »

SAProuter is an SAP software program to control and monitor communication between your R/3 servers and the corresponding frontend computers, as well as RFC access between different servers.

SAProuter increases network security and simplifies the configuration of routes. The product represents an application level gateway for SAP communication and can be used alone or together with an IP firewall.

SAProuter is simply placed in the logical communication path between the participating systems and represents an additional access security level, both within your internal network and for connections to or from external partners. This provides you with an additional access control in addition to the usual security mechanisms of user authorization even before the communication partner reaches your SAP System. Unauthorized access to critical data or systems can therefore be better avoided.

Connections established using SAProuter have the additional advantage that no end-to-end connections between the participating system are necessary on network level. For example, if accessing a frontend PC on an R/3 server with an intermediate SAProuter, it is not necessary to define the complete path between the two systems at TCP/IP level. It is sufficient if both parties can reach the SAProuter. From an SAP communication viewpoint, this represents a point of concentration in your network that serves as a starting point for each sub-connection. Each subnetwork stored logically behind a SAProuter is therefore reduced to the network address of the SAProuter.

Without SAProuter, the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses must be unique, which cannot always be guaranteed, particularly on international networks. With SAProuter it is possible to connect two points that have unofficial, or even identical, IP addresses. Therefore, it is rarely necessary to adapt existing address topologies using official IP addresses.

SAProuter is available on all R/3-relevant system platforms.

SAP Active Global Support only supports SAProuter connections due to these advantages. Because SAP routes all accesses to customer systems via a corresponding SAProuter, the connection between SAP and the customer is reduced to a single SAProuter - SAProuter connection.
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Re: what is ment by SODA?

Postby vasu_kasi »

hello guys i am srinivas ,
i want meaning of SPDA anybody tell me
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Re: what is the job of Spool work Process?

Postby vasu_kasi »

what is the job of Spool work Process? please anybody tell me
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Re: What is a SAProuter...

Postby yasam »

Nice to see a topic about saprouter
and also guys we can download a document for saprouter and its configuration.
Download Link:

Yasam (Raashed sir student)
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Re: What is a SAProuter...

Postby hussaini »

Good INFO.. Yasam..

Syed Hussaini.
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Re: What is a SAProuter...

Postby emmanuelnwankwo »

A good writeup on SAP Router!
I must commend the contributors to forum, it is peachy and very informative. This forum is definitely a platform we have to leverage on to get a better understanding of various simple but confusing topics. It equally helps us to pull ideas together to get a better solution to issues with respect to SAP and its integration in an enterprise.
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