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How to connect to SAP... Various ways!!!

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How to connect to SAP... Various ways!!!

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Connecting to SAP
If you wish to use the online services SAP offers you need a connection to the nearest SAP support server.
How to set up a connection to SAP
1. Choose a connection type and apply for your connection.
2. Provide SAP with the data it needs to set up the connection between your SAProuter system and the SAP support server using the Remote Connection Data Sheet (SAP Note 0028976).
3. Configure your network components (e.g. SAProuter).
4. Once a remote connection is established, enter the required logical connections between your R/3 systems and SAP. You will find a description of this procedure in SAP Note 31515.
Selecting a Network Connection
You need a remote connection from your location to the nearest support server to establish a connection to an SAP service network. Different connection types are available depending on the location of your installation. For more information, please contact the individual network providers.
Connection types
The following gives you an overview of the individual networks and provides explanations to help you select and configure your connection.
Frame Relay
Frame Relay networks are currently offered primarily in North America. They are also packet switching networks, but have higher protocol levels that handle data security, enabling the network to work with significantly less administrative information.
SAP recommends the following parameters for a Frame Relay connection:
• Port speed of 56 or 64 kbits/second
• Recommended CIR (Committed Information Rate) of 4 or 8 kbits/second. This data speed is sufficient for connecting to the SAP Service Network. Higher CIRs are more expensive, and are therefore not recommended. The CIR is the minimum transfer speed that is always guaranteed by the network provider, but higher transmission rates are possible, provided the network load is not too high.
We recommend using routers for the connection to a Frame Relay network, as the connection via routers is safer and more flexible. Make sure that the routers used are suitable for Frame Relay.
ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) will most likely replace the current analog telephone lines. In ISDN, communication takes place in different channels. Communication companies offer ISDN with different configurations. To connect to the SAP Service Network you need a basis, or S0, connection. This connection contains two B channels and one D channel. An ISDN connection is set up by switching a B channel connection.
In theory, it is also possible to transport X.25 data packets in addition to the control information on the D channel (9600 baud) and to transfer these to X.25 networks (X.31). This functionality must be explicitly supported by both the connection side and the hardware and represents a normal X.25 connection to SAP.
The PPP protocol and CHAP authentication procedure are used by SAP for data transfer on the B channel. Customers therefore need to find out if their systems support these if they want to establish an ISDN connection to SAP. Please contact your consulting partner or SAP directly for more information.
Please note that connection fees for ISDN connections are dependent on time and distance. With long distances and/or long connection times you should consider using Frame Relay or a network provider as an alternative.
Also note that ISDN connection is not possible everywhere. Please ask your local phone company or PTT.
Internet Connections
VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a network that uses tunneling technique to transmit encrypted data from point to point over the public internet. A VPN provides hard data encryption at the hardware level. This approach requires a VPN switch (VPN gateway) at the customer site and at SAP and SAPRouter software.
SNC (Secure network communication) connections are established between two SAPRouters. No additional hardware is required at either end of the connection. The technology of SNC makes the connection over the internet secure, using state-of-the-art encryption.
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