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system copy an system refresh

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system copy an system refresh

Postby umarbasis »

can any one help me ....what is system copy and system refresh
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Re: system copy an system refresh

Postby murtuz. »

Duplication of an SAP system. Certain SAP parameters might change in a copy. When you perform
a system copy, SAPinst installs all the instances again, but it uses a copy of the source system database
to set up the database.

Source System and Target System
The SAP system containing the original database is called the source system and the system to
which the database copy is to be imported is called the target system. Their SAP system names
are abbreviated to SOURCE_SAPSID and TARGET_SAPSID . The terms source database and target
database are also used in this description.

Homogeneous System Copy
During the system copy you use the same operating system and database platform as the original

Heterogeneous System Copy
During the system copy, you change either the operating system or the database system, or both.
Heterogeneous system copy is a synonym for migration.

Database Copy
Database-dependent part of the system copy.

System refresh is nothing but copying an SAP system to another.

Let us say the system from which copy is being done is called as source system and system in which data to be copied as target system.

System refresh activity comprises of following 3 phases
1.Pre refresh activity
2.Refresh activity (Database restoration)
3.Post refresh activity
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