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Hardware Specifications

by revoo
Hello Basis gurus

I am pretty new to basis and am trying to find examples of hardware specs being used in sap implementation projects now a days. Since hardware prices are coming down and RIAD being very affordable, especially i would like to hear hardware specification for oracle based implementations.

Raj Shekar

Re: Hardware Specifications

by hussaini
for this u could refer to quick sizing and product availability matrix documents

the usual hardware configurations of sap on oracle servers r

dev servers r around 8 to 16 GB RAM
Production servers around 16 to 32 GB RAM

4 to 8 processors 1.60GHz each 64bit xeon or itanium servers (usually BLADE SERVERS)

again if u r going for unix flavours then the hardware depends on the flavour of unix

hard disk is as known SAN (Storage Area Network) with RAID-5

thats all

and for application server/dialog instance the configuration is not identical with the main server
it would b less than the main server in which HDD is not considered coz of SAN usually RAM is considered and the hardware again depends on the operating system....